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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "Phenomenal service. Truly made me feel comfortable during my visit. Answered all of my questions with ease and provided me with great advice."
    Anonymous 12/14/2021
  • "Service here is always great. Friendly, accommodating, and fantastic with my son on his first trip to the dentist. Would recommend Dental Radiance to anyone!"
    Joey Lopaka 11/09/2021
  • "I have trust issues, so breaking up with my old dentist was hard for me. I landed in Dr. Doshi’s office for my first visit nervous and walked out confident that I could continue work to repair my relationship with dental care (after childhood terror, adult neglect, and vitamin deficiencies). I am thoroughly excited to have found the practice and it’s fairly close to home, which makes it even better. Scheduling is actually great, the wait time wasn’t terribly long, I feel lucky."
    Brandi D 11/05/2021
  • "Dental Radiance is an excellent dental practice. I needed to have my sleep appliance adjusted and cleaned and they were able to see me on the same day. The office staff are welcoming and kind. I have almost never had to wait and usually am in the chair right when my appointment was to start."
    Joyce Boor 10/28/2021
  • "Very friendly staff and all around great experience as a first time patient."
    Mike McKeown (US) 10/06/2021
  • "Dr Doshi and her team never cease to make my day. Such a pleasant staff and environment. Highly recommend"
    Larissa Thompson 09/07/2021
  • "Dr. Doshi treated me with awesome care. The whole staff is awesome their and they made my smile good again. GREATEST OF ALL TIME! 🐐🐐🐐"
    Jay Johnson 09/06/2021
  • "I needed to find a dentist that would care for pediatrics and I found Dental Radiance. They were absolutely amazing with my daughter, very friendly and professional. If you need a dentist for your child I would highly recommend."
    Julia Vandreumel 08/24/2021
  • "The team at Dental Radiance is great at communication and being flexible for their patients. They went above and beyond to fit me in on short notice when I was in town for one week."
    Chae Kim 08/11/2021
  • "Beautiful and super comfortable office! Dr. Doshi and her team are so welcoming and accommodating for every patient’s needs. I also love the Doctor’s honesty with treatment options— she made treating my third cavity quick and painless. By far the best dentist I’ve been to."
    Marissa Jones 06/01/2021
  • "I made the change to Dr. Doshi a few years ago. I have always had bridges on two of my front teeth, but Dr. Doshi and a couple of other dental professionals, I now have beautiful implants, rather than bridges, and a smile that I’m even happier with than before!"
    Jody Thomson 05/18/2021
  • "I experienced a very good cleaning process. I think her name is Smila (sp)? Very professional. I would suggest she introduce herself in the beginning. After several minutes, I had to ask her name. Besides the cleaning, the analysis was very good. She reviewed x-rays and showed me areas where the gums are receding. She cautioned me from hard flossing in the troubled areas. She recommended fluoride treatment, which I am glad I received. I hope she is retained. A very good addition to this very good practice."
    Dana Darnell 03/31/2021
  • "Thorough and pain free"
    John Bowery 03/17/2021
  • "Dr. Doshi does a great job and is always very thorough. The staff is always very friendly and punctual. I would highly recommend the Dental Radiance team."
    Gregory Fritz 03/02/2021
  • "Every time I go to Dr. Doshi’s office I am greeted with smiles (even under masks) and I always feel so welcome. Everyone is kind and efficient and I always feel safe there. Dr. Doshi explains things very well and doesn’t overcomplicate things. I used to hate going to the dentist- but not since going to Dr. Doshi!"
    Tiffany Baxi 01/30/2021
  • "In this pandemic, still, it was very quick but professionally done. Very clean facilities. People are very nice. Doctor Doshi is very good at her job and spends enough time to explain in detail. I do recommend this doctor to any one looking for one_"
    Anonymous 12/16/2020
  • "I had a tooth that needed to be fixed asap. They were able to get me in an take care of it that same day. Staff is wonderful doctor was also great."
    Christina Legendre on 12/01/2020
  • "Well organized effort to provide a covid-safe environment. I appreciate all of the hard work involved."
    Henry Guthard on 08/26/2020
  • "The staff was very professional and friendly. Dr. Doshi was very knowledgeable and straight to the point. I feel that she gave me advice on how to proceed with treatment and only treatment that is necessary. I’m glad it will only be her I see versus going to a clinic that has multiple dentists. This was the best cleaning I’ve ever had. The dental hygienist left my mouth feeling so clean without any grittiness. She made sure to rinse more that others have at precious dental offices. I will continue with my dental care here and my husband will join as well."
    Nicole Gonzalez on 08/19/2020
  • "I had a great experience at Dental Radiance. I felt like they took the time to make sure I was safe by having me take a Covid Screening questionnaire and took my temperature. My hygienist, Rita cleaned my teeth meticulously. Dr. Doshi is friendly and encourages you to ask question about your oral health"
    Anonymous 7/29/2020
  • "Got me in same day to fix a filling that had fallen out, and did a wonderful job!"
    Jessica Connell 7/7/2020
  • "Dr. Doshi has created a wonderful experience for her patients. She is professional, excellent, and a caring individual. She hired a new dental hygienist recently, named Rita. It was my first experience with Rita. I asked Rita if she had to ‘audition’ for her position with Dr. Doshi. She indicated that she had to clean Dr. Doshi’s teeth, Dr. Doshi’s husband’s teeth and Dr. Doshi’s son’s teeth! What a testimonial to Dr. Doshi and her commitment to providing best care for her patients. I have always required topical fluoride and nitrous gas with my teeth cleanings, prior to coming to Dental Radiance office. Rita assured me that she was gentle. I experienced no pain with Rita cleaning my teeth! She removed coffee stains between my teeth that I thought would never come off. I am not typically one to write a review, but wanted to share my very positive experience. I highly recommend this practice! Thank you Dr. Doshi!"
    Susan Melendy 6/26/2020
  • "As someone who suffers from major anxiety going to the dentist, my experience at Dental Radiance is the best dental experience I’ve ever had. Dr. Doshi and her team (Lavina, Ashley and Paris) are super friendly, very kind, incredibly knowledgeable and professional. Their energy is very calming and they (and the massage chairs) made me feel very relaxed. What’s more, my teeth have never looked and felt more clean and beautiful. Thank you so much ladies!"
    Chris P.
  • "Dr Ami Doshi has been my dentist for years, plus my whole family, but she’s also takes care of my whole family. Not only do I get superb, personal attention and dental care, but every interaction with staff is also kind, respectful, and warm. I myself am a physician, so I admit, I may have higher standards than most l, but I can’t express how much I appreciate Dr Doshi’s care. Thank you to the team at Dental Radiance led by Dr Ami Doshi for keeping my teeth and the teeth of my family healthy."
    Linda H.
  • "Dr. Doshi and her staff are so welcoming that it makes me WANT to go to the dentist office! I hadn’t gone to one in a long time and I really needed a dentist where I wouldn’t feel judged. She told me exactly how she was going to help me each step of the way and each visit has been helpful. She’s been very transparent with any prices and procedures. Thankful I finally found a great dentist who is actually helping me!"
    Tiffany B.
  • "Dr. Doshi is truly one of the most knowledgeable dentist I have seen in a very long time. She is very proffessional but also personable as well ! Her staff is excellent, very friendly and helpful. If you are looking for a dentist who truly cares about you as an individual. A dentist you can truly trust with all your dental care. I highly recommend Dr. Doshi"
    Barbara P.
  • "Doctor Ami is really amazing, I had two cavities filled without feeling anything! Not to mention that the staff is super friendly and attentive to all your needs. Highly recommended!"
    Anna P.
  • "Dr. Doshi and her staff make going to the dentist ten times less stressful than it has been in the past for me. This review comes from someone with severe anxiety about dental work, even the smallest procedures make the worst experiences for me. Dr. Doshi does an amazing job listening to my needs and helping to ensure I feel safe and calm during my visit. Words cannot adequately express how grateful I am to her and the whole team for easing my dental anxiety! I highly recommend Dental Radiance!!"
    Kaila D
  • "I am deathly afraid of the dentist but this place makes you feel super comfortable and really helped ease my anxiety about going to the dentist! All of the staff are really friendly and helpful, and very professional. They customized a treatment plan for me that tackles all my problems and I am glad I finally found a dentist that works for me!"
    Aamina A.
  • "I hadn't been to a dentist in 5 years and was terrified of the mess I would find. Dr. Doshi was nice and empathetic. She didn't judge or scold me. Instead she came up with a step by step plan to get my teeth healthy again. When I told her money was a concern she worked with me on what could wait a few months and what needed to be fixed immediately. Her staff is pleasant and caring and my cleanings are a breeze now. Also love that they show you your bill before doing any procedure or service. I always know what I'm getting into!"
    Renee C.
  • "High quality service, professional, very friendly.

    As someone who suffers from major anxiety going to the dentist, my experience at Dental Radiance is the best dental experience I’ve ever had. Dr. Doshi and her team (Lavina, Ashley and Paris) are super friendly, very kind, incredibly knowledgeable and professional. Their energy is very calming and they (and the massage chairs) made me feel very relaxed. What’s more, my teeth have never looked and felt more clean and beautiful. Thank you so much ladies!"
    Chris P.
  • "Clean and organized, very helpful.
    Very pleased, i'm so glad I went in, they we're so nice and made me feel relaxed and comfortable. I couldn't have expected more from a very professional staff throughout. Looking fwd to my next visit in a few days. ( Insert happy face here)"
    David B B.
  • "Buffy D.

    Professional & Very friendly
    I've been going to Dental Radiance for almost 2 years and I'm so happy I found them. Lavina the office manager is a sweetheart she is very helpful with billing & accommodating. Dr Doshi is wonderful ! I've gone through a struggle with a tooth I had to have a root canal (at another office) on that has turned out to be a bigger problem so I've been at there office more than normal and Dr Doshi has been extremely sweet and caring. There have been times when I've gone in to get a filling in that tooth and after realizing it still bothered me she always recommended what's best for me. I really appreciate how patient she has been with me through this long process, she never rushes me to make a decision or pushes anything on me which has made going through this much easier."
  • "Unfortunately I will need to have the tooth pulled and will look at getting a implant which is quite upsetting to me so I really appreciate her kindness & expertise. Other than that I've had a crown done on another tooth which she was very gentle always asking how I'm doing throughout the process. Ashley does my cleanings and she is very sweet, personable & gentle. After 2 years of trying to find a new dentist I'm so happy I found Dental Radiance! I referred my mom who comes home in the summer and she can't thank me enough for telling her about them. Also, both my mom & I received birthday cards from Dr Doshi with a entree at Andiomo which I thought was so nice! I highly recommend Dr Doshi & her staff."
    Buffy D.
  • "Very Professional and high qualify
    Have been going to dental radiance since they have started their practice. There is never waiting and dr doshi and the complete staff is very courteous and friendly!!"
    Amee D.
  • "I could not be happier with the results of my veneers. After many years of my teeth not being what I would like, I finally came to Dr. Doshi and everyone was professional and help me get the smile I have been waiting for. Everything was done timely and right when i needed them done. Thank you Dental Radiance!"
    B. Nelson
  • "My husband was always self-conscious of his smile due to a few crooked teeth. He decided to get Invisalign a couple of years ago and has transformed his smile and his self-confidence. He now smiles for pictures! Thank you Dr. Doshi an everyone at the office for your dedication and kindness."
  • "LOVE...LOVE...LOVE this practice! Lavina, Dr. Doshi provided superb customer service and now, I have lovely bright white teeth and veneers! The office is so nice and they all make sure you are comfortable and leave there with a WIDE grin on your face. IF you are looking for a new dentist, come here...wonderful and modern with all the bells and whistles that you need to end up with a great set of choppers!"
    Holly L.
  • "Dr. Doshi and her team is great! She's also very good with children. I took my 4 year old there for his first dental visit and she made him feel very comfortable. He had a great first experience and is looking forward to going back again."
    Chris M.
  • "Shout out to Dental Radiance for excellent customer service and dental care. I was looking for a dentist as I'm new to the area. Everyone was really personable and friendly. The cleaning was painless and they really helped clear up a buildup on my front bottom teeth that was causing inflammation and tenderness with a regular cleaning and bacterial laser reduction treatment. A day after treatment I noticed an improvement in the look and feel of my gums. They are already starting to grow back."
    Stephanie B.
  • "Very easy to work with, Fantastic customer service and flexibility. I would suggest to anyone working in the Birmingham area. They were able to get me in and out quickly."
    Garren G.
  • "Best dentist I've ever visited! Dr. Doshi and her staff were very thorough, informative, and friendly. It was my first visit and they made sure to take x-rays and pictures and get an idea of my dental history to ensure they'd be providing me the best care possible, both this visit and future visits. They're everything you'd ever want in a dentist."
    Stanley H.
  • "It was wonderful. It had been a very long time since my last dentist appointment and they didn't criticize or judge me for that, in fact they praised me for toy courage to come in! They understand. From the time I was an infant to 18-years-old I'd had over 13 surgeries due to a cleft lip and palate, so I've been through every kind of orthodontist technology and had someone tinkering in my mouth every three weeks. And yet I was nervous after the long-awaited appointment and the professionals at Dental Radiance made it so, so easy."
    Sasha B.
  • "My experience at Dr. Doshi's office was extremely pleasant from the moment I walked through the door!! The office manager Lavina was extremely friendly and I was taken back right away with no wait time! The dental hygienist Ashley was super friendly and had a bubbly personality! Dr. Doshi is very passionate and knowledgeable with her patients and truly cares. I highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a new dentist!!"
    Amelia Y.
  • "I've never been more happy with a doctors office! All of the girls are so sweet, welcoming, knowledgeable as well as helpful. I've definitely found my new dentists office."
    Samantha B.
  • "At the Dentist are you a chicken or fearful of pain? Me too!

    I am one that clenches in the chair during the drilling part, anticipating the pain.

    I, explained this to Dr. Doshi, Laura and Lavina. They are awesome! I requested extra numbing and Dr. Doshi obliged and was very calming and talked me through breathing slowly- which was very calming. Dr. Doshi, Laura, and Lavina all take their time with me and address any concerns and are very pleasant. My last visit was actually fun and relaxing.

    If you can believe that it is possible to enjoy being at the dentist. It was the first time in years- or ever, that I had my hands resting on my stomach during the drilling part.

    I am very grateful!"
    Kitty K.
  • "Dr. Doshi and her team are ever smiling and they are super accommodating. I got my teeth cleaned at my 7th month of pregnancy and they ensured I am safe and fine. I am so glad, I am at the safest hands and I am confident and will be take care of well!"
    Jayashree S.
  • "Dental Radiance is the warmest, friendliest staff and the best location in Birmingham. Dr. Doshi is very gentle and thorough in her cleaning. The technology is state of the art and future forward. I love the convenient Saturday office hours. Make an appointment today!"
    Kristin A.
  • "It is extremely enjoyable to stay in the waiting room at Dental Radiance with complimentary drinks and a massage chair that relieved my back pain. The office is quite with relaxing music. NO DRILLING NOISE!! Overall, this is my all best experience in a dental clinic than all the clinics I have visited around the world. Additionally, all the staff in the clinic are very pleasant and professional. I feel at ease immediately when I walked in the office."
    Zenobia L.
  • "Wow!! What an experience! I have had the best care at Dental Radiance. From the moment I talked with Lavina to making my first appointment until the day I received my cosmetic procedure, I have been thrilled with this office. I always received "royal treatment". This office even has massage chairs for the anxious patient! It's the little touches such as this that separate Dental Radiance from the ordinary dentist. Furthermore, they were very accommodating for the working person. My Procedure required multiple visits and I was always given a time which worked well for me. Not every office goes the extra mile, but Dental Radiance always did.

    I now go through life smiling even more than my old self. I feel more myself than I have in a few years. Amazing what a little patience and an incredible dentist team can do for a life.

    Thank you,"
    Annie M.
  • "I had such a wonderful experience with Dr. Doshi and her team. They are all very nice and helpful and worked hard to accomodate my schedule. Thanks to Dr. Doshi, I now have a beautiful smile that I show off every chance I get."
    Laruen K.
  • "My co-workers noticed as soon as I had the temporaries in place and I was more than anxious to the the permanent ones done. You and you staff were very diligent regarding my after care of each treatment as well; I truly appreciated the fact that you saw me as a whole person and not just a procedure.

    My big day has come and gone and I still have this great smile!! My wedding picture look fantastic and my smile is gorgeous because of the work you did. Thank you ever so much for giving me the commercial white smile~everyone has said how natural and beautiful the look."
    Jori Aliotta
  • "Dr. Doshi and Staff,

    Earlier in the year I met you and you staff at a bridal show. Your booth intrigued me as I was getting married in June and wanted a nice bright smile! I scheduled my appointment right there at the show and was anxious for the veneer consultation. The staff at your office is more than welcoming and you explained each step of the process in great length and made me feel comfortable right away. I stated how I was more than thrilled when we first started the process and couldn't believe the transformation that was happening."
  • "I would like to thank Dr. Doshi and the entire Dental Radiance team for doing everything in their reach to providing me with a new smile. I am very happy with the results and could not be more impressed by the practical advice and quick results time I received throughout the process. The procedure for me lent itself to additional consulting, research, and examinations, all of which Dr. Doshi played a crucial part before the procedure began. I felt at home and cared for in all aspects during my procedure; I had a painless smile transformation and love my new smile! Dr. Doshi's dedication and care brings me and family back to Dental Radiance; I would strongly recommend trying the Dental Radiance experience."
    Krunaal Mody
  • "It took my daughter many years to see a dentist. She was so pleased when she came and felt that you and the staff were very compassionate and caring. She was very afraid and you all decreased her anxieties. Her experience was great! As a nurse, I realize how important it is to show compassion and caring to the patients. It is important to address their individual needs, which you did and continue to do. I am definitely to refer others to you!Thanks,"
  • "It has been a very long time since i had any dental care. Being a dentist, I was a bit nervous about what to expect. I am completely amazed at how professional, comfortable, and caring you and your team are. As far as results, they speak for themselves. Thank you so much for my new smile. I look forward to more terrific results.
    Will Thompson D.D.S M.D
    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon The Huntington Group."
  • "I am very please with the care i'm receiving from Dr. Doshi, Ramona, and Nicole at Dental Radiance. I had my fourth appointment today- we took baby steps at the beginning, to work with receiding gum lines-related sensitivitym that other dental offices were not willing to work with. I am very happy with the progress and the relationship, i feel well cared for in this office and had my first filling done, and could have my teeth cleaned her (after two failed attemps at offices who could not reduce my sensitivity first). My trust was restored and i am much more relaxed in the chair, which is great news for me. I warmly recommend Dr. Dosh!"
    Marta Dabis 11/27/12
  • "I can't thank Dr. Doshi and her staff enough for the excellent care they provided! I had a horrible experience with my last dentist and Dr. Doshi and her staff assure me my visit with them would not be so traumatic. Not only was my visit NOT traumatic, it was enjoyable! They even entertained my 4 year old in the lobby with cartoons, stickers and coloring pages! Even my daughter wants to go back! Not only is the staff incredible, they have state of the art equipment. Flat screen TV's, massaging chairs etc. I actually look forward to my check ups in 6 months. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a warm, caring and gentle dentist."
    Kelly W.
  • "Thank you to the Dental Radiance team for amazing customer care. I came to Dr. Doshi to see about ZOOM Whitening. Everyone in the office was extremely friendly and helpful. Dr. Doshi and her team did a wonderful job prepping me with what to expect and I am happy to say that I am beyond happy with my results from ZOOM Whitening. I recommend everyone to come to Dental Radiance to experience their friendly environment and excellent customer care. Thank you Dr. Doshi and Dental Radiance Team for a beautiful white smile!"
    Lindsey G.
  • "I just had my first visit with Dr. Doshi. She is an excellent Dental Surgeon and very meticulous. Her office is state of the art and the staff was so helpful. I was very relaxed and had a great result."

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  • "I have been coming here for over 5 years, and always have a great experience!"
    Liz S.
  • "Can't overstate how happy I am that I made the switch to Dr. Doshi. Every single person at the office is kind and welcoming. Outstanding dental care without extra services being pushed on you. Highly recommend."
    Jourdan M.
  • "Dr. Doshi and all of her staff are incredibly kind, caring, and welcoming. They take the time to thoroughly discuss everything with you and answer all questions. I also appreciate that they are able to schedule and get patients in for an appointment right away :)"
    Amanda S.
  • "Dr. Doshi is marvelous and she has a magnificent team.
    She works at the highest standards; in some circumstances, situations when she feels like her knowledge isn't enough, she documents and brain storms with other specialists.
    Our family has been visiting her office for over 8 years. We never had any discomfort or unpleasant experiences after any procedure. She is warm, caring, dedicated, supportive, disciplined and patient, she's loved by our kids.
    She guided me through the long process of straightening my teeth using the invisalign, then with veneers, the results are amazing.
    I am beyond pleased and grateful for her guidance."
  • "I just had my first visit with Dr. Doshi. She is an excellent Dental Surgeon and very meticulous. Her office is state of the art and the staff was so helpful. I was very r..."